Cre8tiv Connections Wednesday 03-13-19

Cre8tiv Connections Wednesday 03-13-19

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Today’s Topics:

  1. Cre8tivConnections is back today, but today is just a brainstorm show!
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  2. New TV stations and commercials available, check out then PM Stacy for more
  3. Badger Makes @badgermakes is a new brand available
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  4. Stacy Braiuca Rebranded Coaching Services
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  5. Audio and Music Provided by Scotty McBee (see links below)
  6. Lots of goodies in from our sponsors listed below

Want to see a special topic on the show?  Just comment! Let me know what tech struggles you have, tech suggestions for shows or uses, creativity products or ideas or anything you would like to connect with me about.  

My name is Stacy Braiuca and  I am a productivity coach with 25 years experience hired by women over 40 paralyzed by to-do lists, “one million idea” insomnia, and time balance tightropes.  So I help them liberate more time for their relationships & self care, by automating tasks, reframe frustrations into fun challenges and solutions, and manage anxiety with self-care.   As an active Captain of their own ships they participate in crafting their own futures by “doing homework” alongside an accountability coach who is their loyal navigator through the rough waters.  Will you join me on the Liberation Cruise?

Follow along and share your #automate2liberate ideas with me so I can follow your liberation journey!   

I look forward to hearing from you.

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