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Creating connections while inspiring others to create their futures by @stacybraiuca

Cre8tiv Connections Returns…. Spring 2019

Cre8tiv Connections Returns…. Spring 2019

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Cre8tiv Connections Returns.... Spring 2019 1

Cre8tiv Connections is a show where human connection is paramount. We strive to connect people with each other, connect people with tools and systems to help them increase their productivity by automating the small things in their life so they can liberate their time to spend on the most important things, human relationships, and self-care. We talk about the subjects others may not want to talk about, we skate near the edge in technology, relationships, and just about any aspect of life, to focus on what is real and what is important to all of us as humans, from a social justice and humane perspective. We hope our show inspires you to go create your futures and connect with others and with technology in a new way. Come with us an start creating your connections!