Episode 12 Cre8tivConnectionsLIVE Ask Us Anything, we may/may not answer @WineAntics @JennNelson #31dayslive #letslivestream @vitmug #challenges #fallingoffthewagon Last Episode of this Season!

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Become a Cre8tiv VIP Time to get some #artnapps on! Powered by the Simple Live Press July 20th, 2017, Episode #12: Inspired by the Best Interview, Jenn Nelson


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Today’s Topics: Jenn Nelson (aka #WineAntics and #JennsLive) on Social Media:

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Other Topics today & Some from Previous Shows:

  1. Scotty McBee & Crystal Gatewood (aka Beauty & McBeest) new album mentioned in this podcast. See how to pre-order your copy now: https://www.facebook.com/beautyandthemcbeest/#
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  6. Check out #FreedomPop for #free #wifi each month with #hotspot purchase (cheap) from them @FreedomPop http://fpop.co/e3Lo‬
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